Masses to resume May 30

Now that the State of Rhode Island has given the green light for places of worship to reopen, it is important to remember that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. In resuming Mass at St. Aidan-St. Patrick, we will need to abide by the following conditions and guidelines:

Mass Times:

  • For the time being, the weekend Mass schedule will be 4 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. on Sunday (beginning Saturday, May 30).

  • The 9 a.m. Sunday Mass will be STREAMED ONLY on the Parish's Facebook page (and later available on our YouTube channel).

  • The doors of Church will open only 30 minutes before Masses; this is to allow time for volunteers to clean and wipe down the church before each Mass.

  • There will be no Saturday confessions before Mass.

When to Stay Home:

  • Those with compromised immunity due to age or illness need to avoid any type of crowd. This includes those with respiratory problems, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Those who are not feeling well, especially if they are displaying symptoms of this virus should stay home and participate in the Mass remotely. Even if all you have is “just a cold” your immune system is still compromised and makes you more vulnerable to the virus.

  • If you do not feel safe in a crowd, it is perfectly alright for you to not attend Mass at this time. God does not expect us to do the impossible in coming to worship Him.

Safety Precautions:

  • All those attending Mass are expected to wear face masks throughout the entire liturgy. We all have to consider the possibility that we are “carriers” of this disease. Wearing a face mask is an act of charity and part of the fulfillment of loving our neighbors. Face masks will be available to those if you forgot yours at home.

  • The windows of the church will be open to allow a free exchange of air. The air conditioner will not be turned on until we are able to sanitize the duct work. Please do not close the windows. The exchange of air in a building is a necessity in protecting us from the virus.

  • There will be a hand-sanitizing station at the entrance to the church.

Social Distancing:

  • There will be no seating in the “cry room,” and no missalettes in the church.

  • In order to maintain the recommended distance of six feet, only every other pew will be open and available for seating. There should be no more than three unrelated persons to a pew. However, families and couples may be seated together.

  • The front door and vestibule of the church will be for entry only. Exiting the church should be done by the side doors to lessen the possibility of contact with others.

  • There will be no procession of ministers and the priest celebrant before and after the Mass.

  • The priest and extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist will use hand sanitizer before and after distributing the Eucharist.

  • Holy Communion will be administered only after the final blessing. Communicants are directed to walk up the center aisle keeping six feet from the person ahead of you;

  • Communion will be given only in the hand. The communicant should then move at least six feet away, lower their mask and consume the Eucharist. You may return to you seat to offer a brief thanksgiving before leaving the Church by the side doors.

  • Those who insist on receiving the Eucharist on the tongue should be the last to approach the priest and allow time for the priest to use hand sanitizer after administering the host on the tongue.

  • The sign of peace will be “touchless.”

  • Please do not congregate in doorways or the vestibule before and after Mass. While it is most natural to want to greet those you have not seen in months, please be courteous of others and step off to the side to allow others to be able to keep their distance.

Learn more about returning to mass during COVID.

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